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ac gauges in engine bay

HVAC and AC Repair

Your vehicle's HVAC system is there for your comfort as well as safety. It is important to have a working defroster for clear vision during inclement weather. Our AC check includes:

  • Testing the performance of the system and pressures
  • Testing the refrigerant level
  • Testing for leaks
  • Testing the controls and interior operation
  • Inspecting the cabin air filter
  • Inspecting the belt and tensioner
  • Checking condenser fan operation

We do the following repairs:

  • Compressor replacement
  • Condensor replacement
  • Evaporator core repair
  • Hose and leak repairs
  • Evacuate and recharging of AC system
It is good to have your system checked annually to prevent costly break downs. We are your AC experts in Corpus Christi. Lifetime warranties are available, please ask your service advisor.
ecu diagram

Computer Controls and Engine Performance

Computer diagnostics are an important part of keeping your car running properly. That check engine light or other warning lights on your dash are your vehicle's way of communicating with you to let you know there is a problem. Our expert diagnosticians will test and determine your vehicles issue and give you an estimate to repair your car and get those pesky lights turned off. Whether it’s a faulty computer control, fuel injection issue, ignition failure or just a tune up, we are here to solve your car’s problems.

disc brake

Brake Repair

When is comes to safety having a properly working brake and abs system is a high priority. Indicators of a problem include:

  • Noise or grinding when braking
  • A low or spongy brake pedal
  • Pulling when applying the brakes
  • A red or amber brake light on
  • Pulsation or shake when brakes are applied
  • Low brake fluid level, a hydraulic leak, or worn linings

Having the proper brake pads for your vehicle is critical, from ceramic pads for reduced noise and dust to semi metallic for trucks and towing applications, we know which pads will suit your vehicle for your needs.

We do repairs on the following

  • Brake leaks and hoses
  • Master cylinders
  • Wheel cylinders and calipers
  • New brake pads or shoes
  • ABS systems and electronics
  • Drums, rotors, and hardware
  • Electronic bleeding of brakes on newer systems

If your vehicle can’t stop, come by and we will make sure you are able to stop by Roy’s on your next visit.

man under car aligning suspension

Steering and Suspension

Tired of bouncing down the highway? Tired of replacing prematurely worn tires? Let us check out your steering and suspension systems. Today’s suspension systems are complex with electronic ride controls, auto leveling system and stability control. We can replace your worn shocks and struts. We also repair ball joints and tie rod as well as replace rack-n-pinion steering gears. We repair new electric steer systems and perform front end alignments after repairs.

fuel injector cleaner

Fuel Injection

Just as important as a tune up, maintaining your fuel system is just as critical to your engine's performance and fuel economy. We provide fuel injection cleaning services as well as throttle body cleaning to smooth out that rough idle. We also repair fuel systems from fuel pumps to regulators or a fuel filter replacement, we have you covered. We also have a fuel injection tester to check for even flow/balance from your injectors as well as test for correct operation and leaks. Ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning service is available.

spreadsheet detailing maintenance mileage intervals

Manufacturer-Recommended Service Intervals

Is your new car in need of recommended service and maintenance? Don’t take it to the dealer, let Roy’s Performance Motors perform these services. It won’t void your warranty and can be done at a fair price. We service all types of makes and models and follow service guidelines when performing the periodic maintenance. Avoid costly break downs and repairs by allowing us to do all your preventative maintenance.